The Ins and Outs of CBD Products – Courtesy of Instant Karma

Over time, the health benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) are becoming well established and proven. Although CBD products are still not yet regulated by the FDA, people are flocking to retailers and distributors to find natural, effective relief from a variety of conditions, like anxiety, migraines, fibromyalgia, menstrual cramps, arthritis, as well as the pain and other side effects of more serious illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, epilepsy and many others.

Instant Karma in Hyannis carries a wide variety of quality CBD products in many forms, such as sublingual tinctures, edibles (candies, brownies, honey sticks, etc.), coconut oil that’s infused with CBD, bath bombs, pain cream, skin creams, cosmetics, and more.

Knowing what the right amount is for you can be confusing. Bob Schriber, owner of Instant Karma, can help answer all your CBD-related questions. For example, people often ask what the difference is between hemp oil and CBD oil. CBD can be extracted from either hemp or marijuana, both of which are part of the cannabis plant.

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