THE FOOD DUDE: Halloween Treats for Grownups

My night life is something I’ve never been shy about expressing. I like parties, and parties like me. Which is pretty weird, because for roughly half my life, I was extremely self-conscious and shy; making the prospect of a party something that instantly triggered a pang of strong anxiety. I wasn’t too happy about that part of myself because I genuinely admired most people (lol) and wanted to get to know them better. Over time, I practiced by forcing myself to be as bold and funny as possible or by actively taking part in public speaking but still… parties were mostly a daunting prospect…until Halloween parties.

My first Halloween party as a grownup allowed me the chance to party in costume. This meant not only could I employ a comforting anonymity in a getup that allowed for a mask, but I could also use it to advertise a chunk of my personality to attract conversation from like-minded people and make interacting with other humans a bit easier. Since then, I developed and learned some decent partying skills enough to be almost completely comfortable in a social setting with just enough nervousness left over to be stimulating and enjoyable. I even became somewhat of an in-demand legend among certain partiers, but that’s another story.

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