Curaleaf Dispensary is Opening. Here is What you Need to Know BEFORE Going

Curaleaf is re-opening its adult use dispensaries in Massachusetts on Memorial Day, May 25, including the Provincetown dispensary. But before you rush over, there are some guidelines you need to know to protect yourself and your neighbors, so please read along....

Curaleaf is committed to community safety for everyone – including its dedicated employees. To that end, please note the following purchasing protocols as directed by state and local health guidelines:

  • Online ordering only
  • Curbside pickup only (no in store browsing, sorry)
  • Payment is via debit card or CanPay ONLY. ( is an app linking to customers’ checking accounts for cannabis purchases.) Per state regulations, no cash will be accepted. Please prepare accordingly.
  • Face masks are required by all customers and employees

No one will be permitted inside the dispensary until further notice about lifting restrictions are issued by the Commonwealth. Let’s be good citizens and comply!

The process will work like this:

  • Place your order at
  • Go through online checkout and wait for your “confirmation” text to make sure your order was received.
  • When you receive a second text (the “fulfillment” text), you may go to the dispensary.
  • At the Curaleaf ramp, check in with an associate. They will direct you to a spot to wait.
  • Stay socially distant (minimum six feet) from all other customers (remain standing on the designated stickers on the walkway) and <strong>proceed to the front door</strong> when it’s your turn to pick up your order.

If at any time the number of people waiting exceeds safe limits, you may be asked to use Curaleaf’s Waitlist Me app that puts you in a digital waiting queue. No problem! Take a stroll, check your phone, admire the view and stay nearby. The app will alert you when it’s your turn to pick up your order.

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