Seven Tips For Bringing Cannabis Edibles to Your Holiday Dinner

The first holiday season approaches since Massachusetts residents have had recreational access to legal cannabis products, and the temptation might be strong to add the well-known appetite enhancer to your family feast. But before swapping out the traditional Thanksgiving pie or Christmas cookies for a big plate of pot brownies, heed this edibles etiquette advice from Sam Kanter, the event-planning pro behind the cannabis dining series Dinner at Mary’s, as well as Sam Kanter Events.

DO be honest about wanting to incorporate cannabis into your holiday celebration.

Now that it’s legal, some people are coming out as cannabis users to their families for the first time. With all the festive celebrations, the holidays are a natural time to do so—and maybe even shatter some of mom and dad’s stereotypes while you’re at it. Kanter says her family is accepting of her cannabis use. But other people she meets are often surprised to learn that she’s a daily user. That’s why she’s open about her consumption: to educate people about the stuff, and work against “the stigma that you can’t be a productive person” while regularly using weed, Kanter says.

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